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When I got married in 2008 I wanted invitations that were unique and personal to us, I've always been creative so I decided to make them myself. When guests were asking where we'd got the invitations from and they heard that I'd made them myself they replied that they thought that we'd had them professionally made. A year or so later when I was looking to start my own business it was a natural progression to go into the wedding stationery business.

Lil'Guy Celebration Stationery is based in the beautiful West Sussex countryside, producing high quality bespoke handmade invitations and other stationery for all occasions, specialising in weddings we can also make invitations for: Civil Ceremonies; Birth Announcements; Moving House; Birthdays; Anniversary Celebrations; Birthday Celebrations; Charity Functions; etc!

Each bride wants her day to be the best ever and the most remembered. We've all been to weddings where the 'WOW' factor is missing and none of us want to be in that category! Whilst 'Keeping up with the Jones'' by matching or outspending them is not good practise (after all your wedding is about love and commitment, not about how much you can spend) we all want to be the best.

Decide your colour scheme and/or theme first, that will give you a starting point. Also envisage what sort of day you want it to be. Do you want a very formal occasion or a more laid back one? Lavish sit down banquet or garden party buffet?

We use top quality and unusual card & paper, Grade A rhinestone buckles and embellishments, genuine Swarovski crystals, gorgeous ribbons and flowers to make your invitations reflect your taste and style. You may be able to buy cheaper alternatives, but it will show and could end up looking tacky.

The first impression your guests will get of your wedding will be when the invitation arrives and it will set the tone for the day. Your prior planning will mean that you have a clear idea of what you want to achieve. Your venue can be made to look spectacular with co-ordinating Menus, Place Name Cards, Table Name Cards, Favours, Post Box and Table Plan, Flowers and Table Diamonds. Guests can be given clued in as to how formal an occasion it will be - if you put 'Morning Suits' as a dress code then it will be apparent that it is smart with hats rather than 'Smart Casual', guests can dress accordingly and no one need feel under/over dressed.

A stunningly elegant invitation or a pretty floral one will help to create the ambience of the day, but above all the quality of the stationery will stand out - relaxed or formal, it's still going to be a great day full of good quality!
Team LilGuys

The original LilGuy was our black rescue Patterdale x Jack Russell puppy who used to follow me around like a shadow and was usually found curled up under wherever I was working. Sadly we lost him in 2009 to a fatal  illness but he brought us tremendous happiness and we gave him a loving and stable home after his rather rocky start in life. Shortly after losing him we rescued another terrier pup (Bingo) to keep our Collie (Monty) company - he can usually be found in the garden terrierising the resident bunny population!

In March 2010 I went out for a walk with two dogs and came home with three - it wasn't quite that simple, but that's the short version! Betsie came to us as a very nervy little girl but settled in pretty quickly and now bosses the boys about dreadfully.

Monty's hobby is being devoted to Jenna, our Siamese cat; Bingo's hobby is finding the best and most ridicuclous ways of escaping from the garden; and Betsie's hobby when  not helping Bingo with bunny control in the garden is to burrow under duvets to keep warm!